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Bamboo Flooring is made up of Hot & Cold Pressed Boards which are higher in density and ultimately firmer than most other timber flooring. Engineered Bamboo which comes in wider boards of 185mm x 14/3mm is now available as well.

Selecting bamboo flooring will help sustain a greener planet. Traditional timber flooring is made from trees that take on average between forty to sixty years to grow. As bamboo is a grass and IS not sourced from traditional native or rain forest saw logs, you can be assured the environment will benefit from your selection of choosing bamboo as opposed to a traditionally sourced timber floor. Bamboo flooring is made from the bamboo poles that are selected when matured after only four to five years. These bamboo poles are from our sustainable and carefully managed forests.

Bamboo Flooring is selected from only the highest-grade bamboo and uses market leading technology to create floors of outstanding quality by our Suppliers as:

Stringent selection process to ensure grain and colour matching.

Higher levels of compression resulting in an extremely dense timber.

Machining of boards to exact tolerances, to ensure precise locking or tongue and groove systems.

Market leading colour selections and finishes.